Star Wars Episode VIII finally has an official title! Hear what the Collectors Galaxy Crew thinks about “The Last Jedi” on this week’s show, and also their thoughts on what Hasbro might do for the 40th Anniversary of Star Wars! Will there be a new 12 Pack? Will they bring back Vintage Collection packaging? The guys are cautiously optimistic. In Toy Hunters, Mike finally has a real shot at a Rocket Firing Boba Fett, Justin buys a MISB Battle Wagon, and Trent gets his helmet from the Nissan Rogue One promotion. Also on this week’s show, joining Justin in the Collectors Corner is Jimmy Mac from Rebel Force Radio. Jimmy talks about his lifelong love of Star Wars, how his collection has grown over the years, and we get him on record about his thoughts on Rogue One, and who he believes Supreme Leader Snoke might be. Tune in to hear the full interview!



What type of stew was Yoda preparing in his hut during Empire Strikes Back?

A:) Grimeworm

B:) Skimmerleaf

C:) Pillbug

D:) Rootleaf

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