This week we follow up on some of the questions we got on last week’s Q&A epsisode, and we also introduce a new segment called “spotlight conversation”. In this week’s Collector’s Corner segment we are joined by the curator of the Sithsonian, a privately held Star Wars collection and museum, and a passionate member of the collecting community, Duncan Jenkins. Duncan is a pioneer in the community, and has authored several books with Gus Lopez on several subjects like prototypes, cast & crew items, and a whole lot more. Take a listen!



Last Week’s Answer: AT-AT Driver – Winner = Phillip Browne

This Week’s Question: In ROTJ which Ewok was C-3PO referring to when he said “I’m afraid our furry companion has gone and done something rather rash?”

A: Wicket

B: Paploo

C: Logray

D: Chief Chirpa

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