This week on the Collectors Galaxy the guys discuss John Williams having his 85th birthday, winning yet another Grammy, and whether or not he should just go ahead and start scoring episode IX while he’s at it! Also on the show, our spotlight topics of the week include “Who’s the Best X-Wing Pilot” and “Whether or not customs are a good or bad thing for the overall collecting hobby.” We also have a special guest, Ron Salvatore in the Collectors Corner segment who talks about his love for vintage Star Wars, how his collection has evolved over time, and gives some great insight on how he thinks the hobby has grown over the years with the help of things like Facebook groups and message boards. This is a can’t miss for any serious Star Wars collector of fan.



Where in the Slave 1 did Boba Fett instruct the Cloud City Security Guards to place his prize?

A: The Sleeping Quarters

B: The Prisoner Cage

C: The Cockpit

D: The Cargo Hold

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